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Procedures for 4/24/18

HS 1P/3P Algebra I Class (4/24/18)

Objectives: I can graph linear and non-linear inequalities that contain two variables and use to solve a word problem.
Homework: 1) Section 9.3.2 Page 447 (#9-83 ~ #9-88). 2) Formative #31 (one with writing the inequality for a # line and one with graphing a line): tomorrow.
1. 1) Return H/W and quiz #30 papers. Collect your cell phone. (1P: Sydney, Lily, Sam; 3P: Lidia, Bella / Jack, Tommy) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2) Check H/W. Questions? Collect. 3) Practice formative #31 problems.
2. 1) In class discussion (#9-77 ~ #9-80). 2) (3P) BeeTV announcement.


MS 5P Chinese I Class (4/24/18)

Objectives: I can describe my physical appearance.
Homework: 1) Know 16 learned characters by Thursday for writing practice.
1. 1) Turn in your draft checklist when you are done with your paragraph, please. (Hallie + Megumi / Ian, Jimmy, Zach, Joey, Miriel, John, Jesse, Calvin) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2) Teach (朋友, 上, 级, 长短).
2. Song time.

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