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Procedures for 5/22/18

HS 1P/3P Algebra I Class (5/22/18)

Objectives: I can ace my chapter 10 team test.
Homework: Chapter 10 Individual Test Review Worksheet is due by the end of the class period tomorrow.
1. 1) Return papers. Collect your cell phone. (1P: Emma W., Sara; 3P: Lidia, Jordan) talk to Ms. Chang, please. (HR) Turn in your exam permission slip. Turn in your Chapter 10 Math Notes, please. 2) Show Ms. Chang your closure work.
2. Chapter 10 team test.


MS 5P Chinese I Class (5/22/18)

Objectives: 1) I can prepare for my final exam. 2) I can ask and answer conversation questions.
Homework: 1) Year-end PPT project (printout + checklist) is due this Friday, 5/25/18. 2) Final exam (day 1): tomorrow.
1. 1) Anyone going to HS for lunch that affects your oral exam today? Go over printing format. Download Ni Hao 1 eTextbook for summer review at home. Confirm PPT time slot. (Zach, Cavin, John, Jadon / Jimmy, Megumi, Sofia / Ian, Joey / Jesse / Jacob) report to Ms. Chang at your specified time. (Megumi, Rachel, Hallie) talk to Ms. Chang, please. All submitted VC activities have been graded.
2. While Ms. Chang conducts oral exam (Isabel, Chris, Hallie, Jadon + prompt slip) <=> Seat work: PPT slides + study final exam.

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