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Procedures for 5/25/18

HS 1P/3P Algebra I Class (5/25/18)

Objectives: I can prepare for my final exam.
Homework: Final exam review packet is due at the end of the class period on Tuesday, 5/29/18.
1. 1) (8P) Locker clean up (textbook + unwanted school supplies). Any final exam permission slip? Collect your cell phone. (1P: Marco; 3P: Grace B., Kevin) talk to Ms. Chang, please. Show Awards Assembly bell schedule on next Tuesday, 5/29/18. Check PB for accuracy, please. Last day to take any retake is today. 2) Return chapter 10 individual papers. Collect.
2. In class discussion seat work (final exam review packet).


MS 5P Chinese I Class (5/25/18)

Objectives: I can enjoy Chinese yo-yoyo, hacky sack and kite.
Homework: 1) Prepare your year-end PPT presentation. 2) Download eTextbook at home before you return your textbook, please.
1. 1) (Rachel, Sofia, Neela, Jaco) report to Ms. Chang at 6A/6B today, please. Turn in your PPT printout + checklist. 2) Quick review of your final exam packet. 3) Collect your textbook + usable culture articles, etc.
2. Outdoor activities: Chinese yo-yo / hacky sack / kites / dunk tank.

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