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Procedures for 8/22/18

MS 1P Chinese I Class (8/22/18)

Objectives: 1) I can understand Ms. Chang’s grading policy. 2) I can write Chinese character number one. 3) I can use an online utility to learn Chinese pronunciation.
Homework: 1) Character writing (#1). 2) Know how to utilize an online tool to get correct pronunciation.
1. 1) Take one copy of Lesson Three character worksheet. Any signature slip? Any school supplies? Any homeroom supplies? (William L.) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2) Go over syllabus. 3) Turn on your chromebook and log into your e-mail account. Create a new folder and label it with the name of “Chinese I”. Drag all emails from Ms. Chang into this folder from now on.
2. 1) Introduce yabla pronunciation table. 2) Introduce four tones and pinyin chart. 3) Learn Chinese character #1.


高中 第四节 中文二 (二零一八年八月二十二日)

学习目标: 1) 我会说日期. 2) 我会懂张老师的评分制度.
功课: 1) Summer review assessment: 九月四日 (MC). 2) Chinese character writing assignment (号).
1. 1) 拿讲义。收手机。上课 (班长). 签字条? 文具? (丁德杰、甘博杰、刘畅、睿琪、越野恵、妙宣) 找张老师。Did you drag emails to your Chinese II folder? Read my comments, please. Give Ms. Chang editing privilege, please. 2) Go over survey results. 3) Going over syllabus. 4) Conversation practice follow up (1 student).
2. Teach (号).


中文五 / 中文先修班 (二零一八年八月二十二日)

学习目标: 1) 我会懂张老师的评分制度。2) 我会说我的暑假生活。3) 我会复习第五课。
功课: 1) 暑假作业考试: Friday, 8/31/18. 2) 生字作业 (选, 门)。
1. 1) 拿讲义(2)。收手机。上课 (班长)。签字条? 文具? (亚兴特+柳在荣) + 菲碧. 张老师的电邮你搬到中文五/中文先修班的文件夹了吗?看张老师给你的评语。2) 问卷调查结果。
2. 1) (李汉娜): 口头报告。 2) 复习 (讲义) + 分组工作 (生字)。3) 教 (选, 门)


高中 第七节 中文三 (二零一八年八月二十二日)

学习目标: 1) 我会说天气怎么样。2) 我会懂张老师的评分制度。
功课: 1) Summer assessment: Friday, 8/31/18. 2) 星期五以前知道 (晴、下雨、下雪)。
1. 1) 拿讲义。收手机。上课 (班长). 签字条? 文具?? 2) 问卷调查结果. 3) Go over syllabus. 4) Conversation report (1 student).
2. 1) 教 (雨、下雨、雨天、雪、下雪、晴天、天晴 )。


高中 第七节 中文四 (二零一八年八月二十二日)

学习目标: 1) I will understand Ms. Chang’s grading policy. 2) I will complete an interest survey. 3) I can talk about my summer break activities.
功课: Google Docs share goal-setting response before the beginning of the class period tomorrow, 8/23/18.
1. 1) 收手机。上课(班长). 拿一份讲义。2) Go over syllabus. 3) 问卷调查表。交给张老师。
2. 会话练习 + report (1 student)。

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