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Procedures for 9/14/18

MS 1P Chinese I Class (9/14/18)

Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of Chinese name and numbers. 2) I can prepare for my compound vowels quiz on next Monday. 3) I can read / say math equations in Chinese. 4) I can install Chinese input tool on my Chromebook and use online tool to type Chinese characters on any document.
Homework: 1) Compound Vowels (2) Quiz: Monday, 9/17/18. 3) Lesson Three chapter test: Friday, 9/21/18. 3) Typing practice will be due on Monday, 9/17/18. Google Docs shares with Ms. Chang, please.
1. 1) Pass out HR materials (picture order form, book fair information). PB Virtual Classroom activities have been open for your practice. 2) Introduce online utility. Install Chrome Chinese input tool. 3) Typing practice (on Chromebook or online utility, please).
2. 1) Quiz #2 (Chinese name, phone numbers dictation). 2) Pretest (compound vowels #2). 3) Read text passages on page 20.


高中 第四节 中文二 (二零一八年九月十四日)

学习目标: 1) I can gain culture knowledge through viewing a movie. 2) I can write a pen pal letter.
功课: 1) Know learned characters by Monday, 9/17/18. 2) Pen pal letter draft is due on Monday, 9/17/18. Share your work with Ms. Chang before class, not at the end of the day. 3) Weekly speaking task grade starts from Monday.
1. 1) 收手机。Quick review. 2) Go over Movie comprehension questions.

** Due to Gallery of Achievement Induction ceremony today, there were only 10 minutes of class time today.


中文五 / 中文先修班 (二零一八年九月十四日)

学习目标: 1) 我会准备第五课大考。2) 我可以训练我的听力能力。
功课: 九月十七日星期一第五课大考。
1. 1) 收手机。星期日晚上会有作业答案。请交电邮回复作业。做作业本功课。 2) Rejoinder.
2. 1) 看电影。2) 课堂作业时间。


高中 第七节 中文三 (二零一八年九月十四日)

学习目标: 1) I can ask and answer simple conversation questions. 2) I can gain cultural knowledge through viewing a movie.
功课: 1) Weather project is due on Monday, 9/17/18. 2) Pen pal letter draft is due on Thursday, 9/20/18.
1. 1) 收手机。Sign up Chinese Club cooking event on next Wednesday. (巴凯文、司科瑞、毛瑞杰、娄雅优、丁琳娜、甘博宁、司安娜) complete your oral exam today. 2) While Ms. Chang conducts oral exam, please read movie story map / movie comprehension questions.
2. Movie time.


高中 第八节 中文四 (二零一八年九月十四日)

学习目标: 1) 我会问问题、回答问题。2) 我会从看电影学到文化知识。
功课: 1) 暑假生活的project下星期一到期。2) 回答看电影的问题。3) Pen pal letter draft is due on next Thursday, 9/21/18. 4) Song singing is due on Friday, 9/28/18.
1. 1) 收手机。张老师检查你的生字定义。2) 张老师考口试的时候请 看电影故事图 和 问题。
2. 看电影时间。

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