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Procedures for 9/18/18

MS 1P Chinese I Class (9/18/18)

Objectives: 1) I can prepare for my lesson three chapter test. 2) I can type Chinese characters using online utility tool and/or Chrome extension.
Homework: 1) Typing assignment is due by the end of today. 2) VC activities are due on Thursday.
1. 1) Take one copy of Front Nasal Sounds handout. Return 2 quiz papers. (Chris, Logan, Dino, Matt, Isaiah, Jacob) complete your quizzes, please. 2) Quick review (characters + listening + reading of math equations).
2. While Ms. Chang works with 6 boys, please 1) complete typing assignment and 2) work on VC activities


高中 第四节 中文二 (二零一八年九月十八日)

学习目标: 1) 我会写笔友的信。2) I can prepare a skit.
功课: 1) Perform your skit in class Thursday?? + Google Docs share with Ms. Chang your dialogue in writing by the end of tomorrow. 2) Perform your tongue twister on Thursday.
1. 1) 收手机。上课 (班长). (Amanda, Jacob) talk to Ms. Chang, please. 2) 复习 (fù xí) 生字。3) Go over common mistakes in your pen pal letter.
2. 1) Fix all pen pal mistakes for full credit, please. 2) Skit dialogue time.


中文五 / 中文先修班 (二零一八年九月十八日)

学习目标: 1) 我会写信给笔友。2) 我会问问题、回答问题。
功课: 1) 笔友的信星期五到期。2) 写短剧 (skit)。
1. 1) 收手机。拿口试的练习题.
2. 练习口试,


高中 第七节 中文三 (二零一八年九月十八日)

学习目标: 1) 我会写信给我的笔友。2) I can prepare (准备: zhǔn bèi) for a skit (短剧: duǎn jǜ) .
功课: 1) 笔友的信星期四到期。2) 短剧 (duǎn jǜ) 星期五上课表演 (biǎo yǎn) + dialogue in writing明天到期。
1. 1) 收手机。上课 (班长)。(Reyna) talk to Ms. Chang. 2) 复习生字。
2. 1) Skit time. 2) Pen pal letter time.


高中 第八节 中文四 (二零一八年九月十八日)

学习目标: 1) 我会写信给我的笔友。2) 我会准备短剧 (duǎn jǜ:skit).
功课: 1) 笔友的信星期四到期。2) 短剧 (duǎn jǜ) 星期五上课表演 (biǎo yǎn) + 明天交 短剧。3) 绕口令 (rào kǒu lìng: tongue twister): 星期五到期。
1. 1) 收手机。上课 (班长)。 交暑假生活的评分表 (píng fēn biǎo). 2) 复习生字。
2. 1) 写短剧。2) 写给笔友的信。

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