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Procedures for 5/29/19

MS 1P Chinese I Class (5/29/19)

Objectives: I can talk about myself in Chinese.
Homework: Complete your year-end presentation tomorrow, please.
1. 1) (Ryah) talks to Ms. Chang, please. Return your textbook (Lilly, Justin) to Xinya, please. 2) Report to HR for attendance. Leave your locker open tonight, please.
2. 1) PPT presentation (Lilly, Elizabeth, Denisse, Jacob, Isaiah, Matt).
Have a great summer. Check your email on 6/14 for summer review work, please.


高中 第八节 中文 (二零一九年五月二十九日)

学习目标: 期末考我会考得很好。
功课: N/A
1. 1) 收手机。耳机。2) 还你好三课本 (磪喜聲、林蒂娜、麦礼恩
雷克瑞、雷思文)、”美好的前途”(下) (陈正诺) 和 IC L2P1 课本。3) 拿三本书”中国历史”、”中国文化”、”中国地理”. 4) 六月十四号看你的电邮 (diàn yóu: email)。

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