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Procedures for 1/22/20

Procedures for HS 1P Chinese Three (1/22/20)

Objectives: 1) I can read text passages fluently and accurately.  2) I can prepare for my chapter test.

Homework: 1) Lesson Six vocabulary quiz: Friday, 1/24/20.  2) VC activities are due on Tuesday, 1/28/20.  3) Lesson Six chapter test: Wednesday, 1/29/20.


  1.  1) Work in pairs to practice reading text passages for quiz.  2) Work individually on VC activities.
  2.  If interested and have time, try origami rat.


Procedure for HS 2P Chinese Two (1/22/20)

Objectives: I can prepare for my chapter test.

Homework: Lesson Four chapter test: Friday, 1/24/20.


  1.  Review study guide, virtual classroom activities and work on writing practice problems.


高中 第五节 中文四 (二零二零年一月二十二日)

学习目标:  我会准备第五课大考。
功课: 1) 作业本73-75 页一月二十三号星期四到期。2) 作业本77, 78, 79-82页一月二十四号星期五到期。
1. 1) 收手机。2) 还生字小考考卷。2) 造句练习。

第七节 中文五/先修班 (二零二零年一月二十二日)

学习目标: 1) 我会说一说旅游景点的风景。2) 我会准备AP考试。
功课: 1) 写生字。2 念第七课到第十课课文小考: 二月四号星期二。
1. 1) 收手机。张老师还第十课大考考卷。收考卷。2) 复习生字。3) 学 (之前 = 以前、报名、旅行团、包括、交通)。
2. 1) 念课文73、75页。。2) 张老师发课文讲义。  练习念课文。


MS 8P Chinese I Class (1/22/20)

Objectives: 1) I can showcase my mastery of lesson six contents.   2) I can celebrate Chinese New Year by singing a Chinese song.
Homework: Complete chapter test tomorrow.
1. 1) Announcement.  (Colin, John, Rebecca) talk to Ms. Chang, please.  2) Showcase library community service project pictures.  Sign up (chopsticks practice, serving tea and pot stickers, origami, teaching Chinese language and characters, tangram, craft, storytelling, face painting, etc.), if interest.
2.  Lesson Six chapter test (part I).

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