On St. Patrick's Day, a letter arrived for us from Lucky the Leprechaun.
This started a hunt around the school in search of him.  He left some clues and we followed the green trail.
The kids were overjoyed and extremely enthusiastic...
you'll see that in the pictures below!


Mrs. Miller delivers us the letter from Lucky the Leprechaun

The letter said:
Iím a little leprechaun dressed in green.
The tiniest man that youíve ever seen!
If you catch me, so itís told, Iíll give you my pot of gold!
Look around!
You canít catch me!
Visiting the woman in charge is where Iíll be!

We know who that is!!

Before we left to go to Mrs. Hendrick's office, we set a trap using some
items we found around the classroom (as well as Kate and Emily's green scarves
around the perimeter)!!  The kids figured he would like the green M&M's.

We're ready to go!  And, just a tad bit excited!

We're coming to find you, Lucky!

Mrs. Hendrick's had a note stuck to her back!  That tricky leprechaun!

Here's what it said:

Look up high!
Look down low!
Youíll never catch me, Ďcause youíre too slow! 
Iíve run off now to take a look at the place where you take out a book!

Searching the library!

Mrs. Mieskowski said she saw a flash of green, a note and a book.

The note said:
This chase for me has just begun!
Iím leading you on a merry run!
You wonít find me just hanging around. 
Get those feet back on the ground.
I have a hunch
Youíll find me where they serve

He left us the book Clever Tom and the Leprechaun

Mrs. Beshara said she saw a flash of green, too!

He left behind another note and a box of Lucky Charms!
The note said:
Boy that was close, you almost got me somehow!
But my pot of gold is safe for now!
Iíve one last place for you to zoom. 
For Iíve caused lots of trouble in your room!!

Uh, oh!

Our room was a disaster!

The trap was sprung but NO LEPRECHAUN!!
He left a note along with some gold coins.

The note said:

Run, run, as fast as you can!
You canít catch me
ĎCause Iím the little green man!!

 Better luck next year!

We did enjoy eating the gold coins he left us.  Next year, be on the look-out for him again!