46 thoughts on “Passion Driven Learning

  1. set a day or two aside to learn what each student will wan’t to learn about.The occasional Quiz is the best way to test their knowledge.

  2. I think you should listen or let them tell you what they want to learn about this year in computer class. The best ways to show you what they have learned are to do good in this class and show you what they learned from the teacher.

  3. Maybe you could have look at the Success Projects and see what they wrote under what projects that they want to do, and see a similarity between all of them to do a project that will make everyone happy.

  4. Different kids learn in different ways. I think that the best way of teaching is to relate the material to something humerus or something that can relate to the students. Students have a general fear of tests, so I think that the best way to see what we have learned is to do an individual assignment (not worded as a test) with the material you have taught.

  5. You could make us want to learn by involving some fun activities. The best ways for us to show you they have learned is by us doing everything by themselves, asking few or no questions about what we are doing.

  6. You can teach us things more than once and make things be more interesting. You can ask us things like you are now. You can have us take surveys.

  7. If you want to teach them what they want to learn, ask them. Give an assessment on the subject. In the assessment, ask them how they want to learn, not just what they want to learn.

  8. You could put in a game because games are fun and to show what they learned is to ask questions

  9. you can give us free days witch are were you can play games and do homework and then we should pay attention more or no free days for the people who talk.

  10. You could show us on your computer what to do and we could follow along on our computer and we could learn something new. For us to show you what we already know you could make an online test for us to take to see what we know.

  11. I think that we would all find it cool if you taught us to use photo editing software. We could do some really cool things with it and have a lot of fun. Also for the more boring things I think it would be fun if somehow you could incorporate games into it.

  12. Ask them what they want to learn about and then show them how to do it.Then we can understand it more.

  13. Well i think you should listen to them which you do and do stuff like this so your doing a good job at that. And they can show you by doing good on the projects or assignments you give them.

  14. we can show you what we learned by using the computer. you can help us learn about the stuff we want to learn about by giving us work to do on the stuff we want to learn about.

  15. Well, you could ask us questions about what we learned as groups or individuals,or you could make us enjoy learning by creating games,like quizzes,or jeopardy.

  16. To help us learn what we want to learn about, read our wiki pages in the section you told us to type what our goals are and what projects we want to do to learn. The best ways for us to show you what you have learned is probably the work we have been doing with what we have learned, like the success project and the other projects we will be doing in the future.

  17. I think that you need to make it interesting and add games or a game show to keep everyone on their heels. it will make everyone wonder and want to find out what we are learning today.

  18. If you want to teach them what they want to learn about, find out what it is they want to learn and find a way to incorporate it.

  19. We should learn about stuff using learning games and stuff. Like FunBrain except awesomer, on an older level, and more relevant to computers. We could show what we’ve learned via projects and stuff.

  20. You could turn a lesson in to a game. Kids like games, especially “Smart Board games”. You could test what the students have learned by giving simple instructions on simple questions. EX: (You talk about being etiquette and computers). Question: What does etiquette mean?

  21. You can make some sort of way to help them to remember the material you are teaching them. Review what you teach them every day at the start of class to make sure the stuff they are learning is actually sticking into there head and if not that shows that you have to work more on that subject and vise versa.

  22. You can help them learn by making them what you doing and And to see what they learned make them fill out a sort of study guide or mini quiz

  23. You can help us learn new stuff by asking what we want to learn about and you can see what we have learned about by asking us that too.

  24. First question : You can help them learn about stuff they really want to learn about by asking them. Maybe they want to do power point, or learn more about the internet. Second question : The best ways for them to show you what they have learned is to have them try it out for themselves without any of your help at all. If you do this then you can how much they’ve learned and what they can do without you helping them.

  25. If you want to learn about what they want to learn about, ask them what they want to learn about the most this year. If most of them say the same thing they teach them. If they say random things ask them about one subject and ask if they want to learn it. Let them do whatever they want. Let them add what they want ( like pictures, cool fonts, etc.) let them have fun with it.

  26. You can have them learn about stuff they really want to learn about by having them asking questions about stuff to get into more detail.

    The best way for them to show that they have learned by having them make a final project and then turning it in.

  27. You can help them to learn stuff they really want learn by having them answering questions about what they like.

    The best ways to for us to show you is to answer questions about what you asked.

  28. You could have them send you an email that says their top three things they want to learn about and pick the most said topics.

  29. By showing students how to get to new websites, and showing them how to see how computers work and what you can do with them like cool websites and how to talk with other people.

  30. if you ask us what we want to learn about and then talk to us about it it will very much help us learn what we want to and, the best way to show what we have learned is taking a test.

  31. By creating new and interesting way to get the students involved in the activity you are trying to teach. And to have them write short essays online, both describing the lessons and demonstrating them.

  32. If you wanna learn about what we want to learn about, then you need to ask us because we don’t know you want to know what we learn about that day.(: I think the best ways to show you what we learned is to maybe ask us to go into a word document and type the top 3 things we enjoyed about what we learned that day.

  33. 1. you should let them in groups that they pick and then have the groups choose what they want to learn about ( they must pick at least 3) 2. have them do a group project (with the group they chose before) about what they chose to learn.

  34. to help us learn stuff about what we want to learn we should take votes on what we learn next. the best way to know what we learned is to ask us question while we are learning.

  35. you should get to know them more so that you can find out their interests to help them learn better.

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