Just when I thought

Just when I thought kids were enthused about the work they were doing, I found a few who were doing other, funner things. It was disappointing to see it because I had addressed their needs by giving them control over their work. Now, and I know this is wrong, I feel like taking the control away from them. No worries, I won’t do it.

How do I keep them on task then when working on the computers? I have to accept they will not be on task 100% of the time, but I do not have to accept bare bones work and demand more of them. If I am up walking around the room like a soldier, the work gets done (no fun). I should schedule short formative checks the students are required to keep with me. I know I am going to have to move seats for the kids who are sitting together as friends and messing around when I am not looking. But, isn’t this what we all do until we are called on it? Yep.