Our Newest Additions- Two iPads!

We’ve gotten our iPads and in preparation for them and to continuing growing with them, I plan to read some  of the information surrounding the success of using iPads with students with special needs AND regular education students.

Below is a list of my planned reading on the iPad.  Feel free to send more my way via kolism@bbhcsd.org or on twitter @Room5Friends.

Teach with your iPad Wiki

iPad Schools Wiki

The Essential iPad Guide for Principals

5 More Phenomenal iPad Apps for Education

iPads in Education

75 Really Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

iPads in Education (another site)

iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs

10 Ways the iPad Will Forever Change Education

Cybraryman’s iPad Resource Page

iPad Apps/ Autism (Google Doc)

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Apps for Special Education (Google Doc)

The iPad: A Near-Miracle for My Son with Autism

iPad Curriculum

Favorite iTunes Apps from the AAC Chicks

Apps That Are Right For Us

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