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Intro. to the Global Read Aloud Project with Flat Stanley!

~Global Read Aloud Project~ Flat Stanley~

  • The Project will begin on Sept. 14th and run for 4 weeks.
  • An international group of teachers is in the planning process for the 4 week lessons.  We’ve selected the original Flat Stanley book and will select one of the follow-up Flat Stanley books.  We’ll spend 2 weeks on each book.
  • I will be modifying many of the ideas to be sure they fit our interests, needs, and abilities.  These web sites (and others) may be used for the project: VoiceThread, Wordle, Edmodo, Twitter, Wikispaces, Wallwisher, and Weebly.
  • Most of this project will be completed at school.  There will be one part of the project that I ask you to do at home.  This should take no more than one week.

– You will receive “Flat Stanley” in a bag along with a camera, notebook, and the book.

– I’d love if you could read the book nightly with your child.

– I will ask your child to take Flat Stanley with him/her to any place youtravel in that one week.

– I will ask that you help your child take pictures of Flat Stanley in these places.  If you don’t

go anywhere in that week, I would encourage you to take photos of Flat Stanley in your

child’s favorite places in your home, yard, or neighborhood or with family members.

– In the notebook that comes home, your child will have a chance to write a paragraph or

use picture icons to tell about your week with Flat Stanley.

– You will be asked to send back the bag and items when your week is

complete so that we can  use them in school to complete our


  • I will keep an update posted on the Room 5 Blog page as we complete lessons, projects, and activities.  Check the “Global Read Aloud” section or click the tag “Flat Stanley” at to see what we’re doing.


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