Today’s App- Kindle for iPad- Friday, July 29

Today’s App is Kindle for iPad by AMZN Mobile LLC.

I love this Kindle for iPad App and let me tell you why.  There are thousands of books that come in a Kindle version, and they can all be loaded onto your iPad using the Kindle App.

This year, I attempted to show my students that there are many mediums in which to read.  We read books, magazines, web sites, food labels, bulletin boards, and we read a chapter book on the iPad!

We read Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary and were able to enlarge the black and white illustrations to make predictions and give details about the story.

We also are able to access books by Stress Free Kids like The Angry Octopus, Sea Otter Cover, and The Boy and the Turtle.

The iPad and the App Kindle for iPad helps gets kids excited about reading… and chapter books… and relaxation… and any other topic you choose!

Kindle for iPad by AMZN Mobile LLC is FREE (Kindle versions of books- prices vary).


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