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Additional Parent Letter- GRA


Dear Parents,

As you have read through my summer mail and in our blog, we will be doing a project called the GLOBAL READ ALOUD project.  The Global Read Aloud project starts on Monday, Sept. 19th and runs for approximately 4 weeks.

In that time, our class will be reading the book, Flat Stanley.  I will start with the original version of the book, and we will then move to the chapter book (hopefully) and Flat Stanley in Space.

To keep up to date with the project, I would like to ask you to join a website called Edmodo.  Edmodo is a social network for SCHOOLS ONLY.  A password must be given in order to join any groups in Edmodo and it is strictly monitored.

Please go to and join the web site for free.  Once you have joined Edmodo, please join the group “Room 5 Students and Parents.”  You must use this code to get in: sixdr3.

On Edmodo, I may post questions, ask you to post photos, post our predictions or thoughts on chapters, scan picture icons, etc.

I will be sending home a permission form for your child’s photo (nameless) or work to be posted on Edmodo.  On that form, you will also be asked if your child can use Skype.  Our class will likely be “skyping” with another class and no students will be pointed out or named in this process.  Your child will NEVER be identified as having a disability.


Most of this project will be completed at school.  There will be one part of the project that I ask you to do at home.  This should take no more than one week. Please see the schedule below to know when you will have Flat Stanley at your house!

– You will receive “Flat Stanley” in a bag along with a camera, notebook, and the book.

– Please try to read the book each night with your child.

– I will ask your child to take Flat Stanley with him/her to any place you travel in that one week.

– I will ask that you help your child take pictures of Flat Stanley in these places.  If you don’t go anywhere in that week, I would encourage you to take photos of Flat Stanley in your child’s favorite places in your home, yard, or neighborhood, or with family members.

– In the notebook that comes home, your child will have a chance to write a paragraph or use picture icons to tell about your week with Flat Stanley.  If your child is in first grade or Kindergarten, you can write this for him/her.

– You will be asked to send back the bag and items when your week is complete so that we can  use them in school to complete our projects.

If you have additional questions about this project, please feel free to email me, call me, tweet me, send a message on Edmodo, or read our blog at

Thanks so much for your time and effort with this project!  I am really looking forward to seeing what we can create and do with this!

Click below to see the directions that you will receive in the “Flat Stanley bag.”

Flat Stanley Project directions

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