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Week 2 of the Global Read Aloud Project!

We continued to work on the Global Read Aloud Project by reading chapter 3 in the book Flat Stanley.  We colored and cut out our own Flat Stanleys to send to our families and friends all over the state and country!  We’re sending one out to Missouri to Mrs. E’s son Doug, aka PFC Eschweiler, in the U.S. Marines.  We’re even sending one out to Las Vegas, Nevada and one to Canada!

This week, we also got to “Skype” with two classes- Ms. Wilson’s first grade class from Atlanta, GA and Ms. Bonds’ third grade class from Michigan. We showed our class books and our paintings of Flat Stanley.  They asked lots of great questions about our town and we asked about their weather.  Do you know that the kids in Georgia told us it was getting cold… in the 70s!!!  It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in education… kids communicating with students in other states and excited about a book!?!?!?! How cool!

Our Skype Friends Map

Next week we are going to mail out all of our Flat Stanleys, make our own “flat” characters, and create a Photo Story of our work so far.

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