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Week 4 of the Global Read Aloud Project

Flat Stanley is hanging out with Marines!

This week we finished up chapter 5 in Flat Stanley and took assessments to see if we understood the story.  There were a lot of great scores on these assessments and I was impressed with the kids’ comprehension of this chapter book!  What a great book to start the year with!

Although the Global Read Aloud project was supposed to last just 4 weeks, we will c0ntinue for at least one more week while we receive back the Flat Stanleys we mailed out.  We will also start to talk about our Flat Stanley bag and what Stan has been doing at your homes!  There are 3 students left who get to take Flat Stan home!  Check the dates on the Weekly Newsletter.

Our Third Graders also made a Photo Story about the projects we’ve created so far.  Check it out at the Global Read Aloud page of this blog! Also, one of our fellow second grade classes also participated in this project!  Please check out the Global Read Aloud wiki at to see Mrs. Pagel’s projects and others from around the world!

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