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Weeks 2 and 3 in Review- GRA 2012- Charlotte’s Web

In the last 2 weeks, we’ve managed to get through chapters 4 through 13 in Charlotte’s Way and get in a lot of cool writing along the way.  I’ve had my doubts about continuing with this book and it’s tough vocabulary, BUT I have confidence in my students and know we’ll make it through two more weeks through the end of this book.

Although I may skip paragraphs in chapters when we read aloud, and I may change some vocabulary so that our students understand, I really believe they are getting it! We are now reading a chapter, cutting and gluing the visuals for the chapter while we listen, and then watching parts of the movie that coincide with book.

In the second week, we made some cute spiders to resemble Charlotte with her eight legs. Here’s what the spiders were supposed to look like (we omitted the cute bow)-  We also filled out a graphic organizer like this – – although I remade it to say “Charlotte” in the middle and we talked about characteristics of our friendly spider Charlotte.

We also painted lots of farm animals (to correspond with a second unit on Urban, Suburban, and RURAL communities). We painted pigs, geese, sheep, and maybe a spider or two. 🙂  (Pictures to follow when we learn how to take these on our iPads this week!)

We’re finally hearing more about Uncle Homer deciding to take Wilbur to the County Fair and we’re getting excited about the change in setting.  We love this Global Read Aloud project, and, although the project is planned for only one more week, we plan to take 2 more weeks to finish.

We worked on a pig craft this week that will be paired with a writing we’ll do this week. With each student at a different level in writing, all of the pig projects will look somewhat different.

We read chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13.  We reviewed the main characters (Wilbur and Charlotte), the problem (Mr. Zuckerman wants to kill Wilbur and make him into bacon and ham), the solution (Charlotte will try to trick Mr. Zuckerman with the words in the web), and some of the events (Charlotte wrote “Some Pig” in her web to show how special Wilbur is.  Next, she wrote “Terrific” in the web and then sent Templeton to the dump for more words.)  Lastly, on Friday, we talked about setting.  So far, we’ve seen two settings, the Arable’s house and Zuckerman’s Farm. The next setting will be the County Fair.


Also on Friday, we all wore our Global Read Aloud tshirts! It was awesome! We felt like a true Room 5 Family and we were all so proud to be participating in this project together!

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