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Month: November 2016

Projects of the Week- Aug. ’16 through May ’17

The Project of the Week is shared with teachers electronically, then posted, and set up in the makerspace each week.  This enables homeroom teachers to sign up for a time and bring their class in with very little prep work. These are the projects that have been shared up to the end of May 2017. Ramps and Roller Coasters!- POTW5817-RampsandRollercoasters Water Slides- POTW5117-WaterSlides Oil and Ice Density Experiment- POTW41717 Dissolving Peeps Challenge- POTW4317-PeepsExperiments Chinese Dragons (To go with our book In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson)- POTW32017-ChineseDragons Build a Leapin’ Leprechaun Trap- POTW3617 Walking Water Experiment- POTW22217-WalkingWaterExperiment Dr. Seuss Theme – Oobleck Experiment & The…


This week in Makers’ Club, we made “Squishy Circuits.”  We used one day to make the insulating dough together in group.  Miss Kolis made the conducting dough at home and then the next day, we used battery packs and LED lights.  Really cool activity! You can see the process on the website Squishy Circuits.

More Tools!

Mr. Cervenka, second grade teacher, joined us again this week to introduce our students to more tools.  This week, we had a selection of wrenches, nuts, bolts, and washers, and students worked together to put wooden blocks together using these tools.  Both second and third graders got to use the tools this week, but third graders had a bit more success with the project.

Playground Challenge

Mrs. Lant’s students had a chance to go into the makerspace to do the Playground Challenge as the Project of the Week.  Students were asked to create a playground with 4-6 different elements (swings, monkey bars, etc.).

Makers’ Club Welcomes Mr. Cervenka!

This week, third graders learned how to use hammers and screw drivers from Mr. C!  They thought it was a great time although we all tried to brainstorm ways to make it a little quieter next time.  Some students had never touched a tool before!  What a fun experience!

Pumpkin Investigations

The week before Halloween, students throughout the school had a chance to engage with 7 different pumpkin stations to explore and learn about pumpkins.  Students measured the pumpkins with standard and nonstandard units, determined if the pumpkins would sink or float, weighed a pumpkin, counted seeds from a pumpkin, tasted roasted pumpkin seeds, described and then sketched pumpkins all throughout the week.  Grades K-3 enjoyed the space and opportunity for this yearly learning activity!


This week, students learned how to make catapults and little rocket flyers.  Catapults are always a fan favorite!  Students brainstormed what to do with the catapults such as catapult a cotton ball at your cat or catapult a marshmallow into your baby sister’s mouth.  

Feed the Birds

This week, our problem was that the weather was starting to change.  We needed to think about how we could help the animals outside as the weather turns.  We decided to make bird feeders to place in our “Highland Island.”

Break Out the LEGO WeDo Kits!

This week, students were introduced to robotics by engaging with a partner and the LEGO WeDo Kits that were provided to use through a grant from the BBH Schools Foundation.  Students used instruction booklets as well as online instructions to create alligators, planes, pulleys, and other robots.  Then, after plugging into the USB port on our three desktop computers, students were able to create a simple code to make their robot move. Wow! How amazing to see 7 and 8 year olds learn these skills!