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We’re Making Monsters!

This week, students were able to use any of the available materials to make a robot or monster.  The robot or monster was supposed to have movable arms, but that was a little more difficult than we thought it would be.

Also this week, students had a chance to tell what they loved about Makers’ Club and many of them were featured on my twitter page with their quotes.

2MC164 2MC165 2MC166 2MC167 2MC168 2MC169 2MC170 2MC171 2MC172 2MC173 2MC174 2MC175 2MC176 2MC177 2MC178 2MC179 2MC180 2MC181 2MC182 2MC183 2MC184 2MC185 2MC186 2MC187 2MC188 2MC189 2MC190 2MC191 2MC192 2MC193 2MC194 2MC195 2MC196 2MC197

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