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Fun with LEGOs!

This week, we used all of our LEGO Power!  Students were able to use the LEGO Story Starter Kits, the LEGO WeDo Kits, or the containers of LEGOs to free build or engage in the LEGO Challenges on note cards.  We had a lot of fun with the blind-fold challenge!2MC366 2MC367 2MC368 2MC369 2MC370 2MC371 2MC372 2MC373 2MC374 2MC375 2MC376 2MC377 2mc378 2mc379 2mc380 2mc381 2mc382 2mc383 2mc384 2mc385 2mc386 2mc387 2mc388 2mc389 2mc390 2mc391 2mc392 2mc393 2mc394 2mc395 2mc396 2mc397 2mc398 2mc399 2mc400 2mc401 2mc402 2mc403 2mc404 2mc405 2mc406 2mc407 2mc408 2mc409 2mc410 2mc411 2mc412 2MC413

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