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LEGO WeDo Kits!

As an introduction to LEGO Robotics, the BBH Schools Foundation was able to provide our club with the grant money for these amazing LEGO WeDo Kits.  Each kit has four motors inside and enables the students the chance to make at least 8 different “robots.”  We were amazed at what the students could do with very little assistance. 2MC257 2MC258 2MC259 2MC260 2MC261 2MC262 2MC263 2MC264 2MC265 2MC266 2MC267 2MC268 2MC269 2MC270 2MC271 2MC272 2MC273 2MC274 2MC275 2MC276 2MC277 2MC278 2MC279 2MC280 2MC281 2MC282 2MC283 2MC284 2MC285 2MC286 2MC287 2MC288 2MC289 2MC290 2MC291 2MC292 2MC293 2MC294 2mc295 2MC296 2MC297 2MC298 2MC299 2MC300 2MC301 2MC302 2MC303 2MC304 2MC305 2MC306 2MC307 2MC308 2MC309 2MC310 2MC311 2MC312 2MC313 2MC314

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