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Make a House for Ralph

This week, as we were reading the book The Mouse and the Motorcycle for the “One Book, One School” project, we each made a house for Ralph.  We thought about the characteristics of the mouse and used different materials to build him a place to sleep, eat, read, etc.MC44 MC45 MC46 MC47 MC48 MC49 MC50 MC51 MC52 MC53 MC54 MC55 MC56 MC57 MC58 MC59 MC60 MC61 MC62 MC63 MC64 MC65 MC66 MC67 MC68 MC69 MC70 MC71 MC72 MC73 MC74 MC75 MC76 MC77 MC78 MC79 MC80 MC81 MC82 MC83 MC84 MC85 MC86 MC87 MC88 MC89 MC90 MC91 MC92 MC93 MC94 MC95 MC96 MC97 MC98 MC99 MC100 MC101 MC102 MC103 MC104 MC105 MC106 MC107 MC108 MC109 MC110 MC111 MC112 MC113 MC114 MC115

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