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The Triple C Challenge

The Triple C Challenge includes craft sticks, cups, and cubes.

Students were first asked to make the tallest structure they could using one cube as the base of the structure.  This was difficult!

Next, students worked on making the tallest structure they could using any of the materials as a base.

We also experimented with different types of blocks to see which ones would give us the most stability.

Students quickly learned that they would need to put their materials together and work as a group.  It was fun to see the little light bulbs going on in their minds during this challenge.


2MC332 2MC333 2MC334 2MC335 2MC336 2MC337 2MC338 2MC339 2MC340 2MC341 2MC342 2MC343 2MC344 2MC345 2MC346 2MC347 2MC348 2MC349 2MC350 2MC351 2MC352 2MC355 (1)

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