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Break Out the LEGO WeDo Kits!

This week, students were introduced to robotics by engaging with a partner and the LEGO WeDo Kits that were provided to use through a grant from the BBH Schools Foundation.  Students used instruction booklets as well as online instructions to create alligators, planes, pulleys, and other robots.  Then, after plugging into the USB port on our three desktop computers, students were able to create a simple code to make their robot move. Wow! How amazing to see 7 and 8 year olds learn these skills!3mc120 3mc121 3mc122 3mc123 3mc124 3mc125 3mc126 3mc127 3mc128 3mc129 3mc130 3mc131 3mc132 3mc135 3mc136 3mc137 3mc138 3mc139 3mc140 3mc141 3mc142 3mc143 3mc144 3mc145 3mc146 3mc147 3mc148 3mc149 3mc150 3mc151 3mc152 3mc153 3mc154

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