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More Tools!

Mr. Cervenka, second grade teacher, joined us again this week to introduce our students to more tools.  This week, we had a selection of wrenches, nuts, bolts, and washers, and students worked together to put wooden blocks together using these tools.  Both second and third graders got to use the tools this week, but third graders had a bit more success with the project.IMG_2819 IMG_2820 IMG_2821 IMG_2822 IMG_2823 IMG_2825 IMG_2827 IMG_2828 IMG_2829 IMG_2830 IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_2834 IMG_2842 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2847 IMG_2848 IMG_2849 IMG_2851 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2854 IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2860 IMG_2861 IMG_2862 IMG_2863 IMG_2864 IMG_2865 IMG_2866 IMG_2867

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