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Month: November 2016

Week 3, The Phone Stand

This week, students were given a problem.  Miss Kolis has no phone stand for her phone! She can’t read recipes from the phone in the kitchen! Brainstorm how you might solve this problem. Students were then given the materials- marshmallows and toothpicks.  NOW brainstorm how you might solve this problem. Create a phone stand for Miss Kolis that stands at least 6 inches off the table and holds Miss Kolis’ phone off the table for 10 or more seconds. Students were able to test their creations and remake until their phone stand met the specifications.

Week 2 of 2016, Intro. to the Design Process

This week, we engaged in a challenge called “Create An Animal.”  Students first had to brainstorm the name of the animal they would create and list the materials they would use. We are working on making a “plan” this year before we dig into the available materials.

Our New Space!

In the 2016-2017 school year, thanks to grant funding from the GPD Employees’ Foundation, Highland Drive was able to their very own MAKERSPACE!  Also known as the STEAM Room, students are engaged in a variety of science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities on a weekly basis.  Not only are weekly Makers’ Club meetings held in the space, but classes can also sign out the room throughout the week. Once we emptied the contents of the room, we were able to get started creating our space! Check out our before and after pictures!

Tennis Ball Towers

Create a tower using 5 straws, 4 craft sticks, 4 Q-tips, a cotton ball, a rubber band, and tape that stands more than 7 inches tall and holds the tennis ball off the table for 10 seconds.