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Month: February 2017

Duct Tape Wallets

This week in Makers’ Club, we stressed the importance of following directions.  We also encouraged students to make a plan and concentrate in an effort to save some of the materials.  We are really working on conserving materials and making a plan before beginning. While most students thought this project would be “easy-peasy,” our little makers found out that the project was more challenging than expected.

Free Build Fun Days!

Many times throughout the week, we hear from students who ask if they can have a “free day” in the makerspace.  We like to appease them once in awhile and allow them the chance to “free build” with most materials available in the room.  Students come up with some great creations.  This time we saw students building homes for Shopkins, a white house, a robot, a pirate ship, a hamster, some Valentines, and then some craft stick creations!