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Month: March 2017

A Visit from the Nature Center!

On March 13th, Ms. Kelly from the Brecksville Nature Center visited our STEAM Room to conduct the program “Form Fits Function!” for our students.  Students learned about the different types of bird beaks and the adaptations birds make to find food and eat.  From the photos below, you can see this was a huge hit!  Thanks to Ms. Kelly and the Brecksville Nature Center for the awesome program!

Chinese Dragons!

At Highland Drive, along with the other elementaries in the district, are participating in the One District, One Book initiative.  This year we are reading the book In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao Lorde.  The main character in the book is emigrating from China and in her honor, we made Chinese Dragons this week.

Dog Sled Prototypes

This week, we welcomed Mrs. Niedermeyer to the STEAM Room (aka makerspace) to complete a STEM project called “Design a Dogsled!”  After learning about dogsled races and getting to Facetime with a musher who races in the Iditarod, third grade students were introduced to the parts and main functions of a dogsled.  Students were then asked to plan, sketch, and then create a dogsled prototype. Many students chose to work in pairs or in groups, but some chose to work alone. HUGE thank you to Mrs. Niedermeyer for all of her planning on this project!

Northeast Ohio Rocks!

This week in the makerspace, our second and third grade students, in conjunction with the Highland Drive Kindness Club, painted rocks.  The rocks are to be hidden in plain sight ANYWHERE (Can you believe that someone even found a NEO Rocks! rock in South Africa?!?!).  The purpose of the rock painting goes along with a group that can be found on Facebook called “Northeast Ohio Rocks!”  Once hidden then found, the rocks are supposed to bring happiness and some fun to someone else’s day!  I wonder how far our rocks will go?!?! Check out the hashtag #hdmakers on Facebook to…