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Month: June 2018

Last Free Making Day of 17-18

This year, students in second and third grade were given a B.O.Y. (Beginning of Year) survey and an E.O.Y. (End of Year) survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the STEAM Room and the Makers’ Club.  Overwhelmingly in both the B.O.Y and the E.O.Y, students asked for “more free-making days!” Click here to see our last free-making day of the 17-18 school year.

Intro. to Makey Makeys in 2018

Again this year, our students were introduced to the Makey Makey!  This “breadboard” with wires allows students to test items to determine if they are conductors or insulators.  They are then able to use the conductors to use a computer, play the piano, or even play bongos! Check out our photos of the Makey Makeys by clicking here.

Earth Day Projects!

For Earth Day this year, we made some garbage-collecting robots!  Students were asked to create a prototype for a”robot” that would help clean up trash and place it in a dumpster.  The designs were incredible!  One student even create a working fishing pole to “hook” and pick up the trash from water! Click here to see our designs!

Valentine’s Day Slime!

Another week of Makers’ Club and another request to do MORE SLIME! This time we made some Valentine’s Day slime!  If students followed the directions, they were able to leave today with a bag of pink slime with red glitter! Click here to see how crowded it was this week!

Visiting the CWRU ThinkBox!

Thanks to the Highland Drive PSO, our entire third-grade class got to take an extra field trip this year!  We had an awesome time at Case Western Reserve University and their Sears’ Think[box].  We had so much fun AND learned about all of the amazing MAKING happening so close to home! Click here to see photos of our day which included a tour of campus, a tour of the think[box], AND a STEM design challenge! Big thanks to the Highland PSO and to Mr. Jim Badar, professor at CWRU for your generosity in hosting us!


  This year, thanks to a grant from the Brecksville-Broadview Heights Schools Foundation, students at Highland Drive in second and third grade got an introduction to the coding of mini-robots, the OZOBOTS! These mini-robots have been an incredible addition to our Makers’ Club and STEAM Room this year! Click here to see some photos of our OZOBOT fun!

2017 Second Quarter Free Making Days!

Students are always excited about our “Free Making Days” and we try to provide at least one each quarter.  This week, we encouraged students to use the free making time to use an attachment technique we’ve been working on.  We saw one student make a giant yo-yo using flanges.  Another student made his own “fidget spinner” with fasteners.  We also saw some students making their own binoculars, home-made dry erase boards and football goal posts!  Another awesome week in the STEAM Room!

In Memory of Mrs. Wiesler

As you may know by now, co-Makers’ Club teacher leader and Reading Intervention Specialist, Mrs. Sharon Wiesler, passed away on March 9, 2018.  She was inspirational in her pursuit of knowledge, always ready to take on a new task or learn a new skill.  She was fearless. We will always remember the countless hours that Mrs. Wiesler put into the STEAM Room and Makers’ Club.