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Month: September 2018

International Dot Day 2018!

This year, Highland Drive celebrated International Dot Day 2018! Several classrooms got into the fun by completing the Dot Day activities provided to teachers at the beginning of the week.  Thanks to Mrs. French and Mrs. Mulac for sharing your photos! Also, thanks to inspiration from Mrs. O’Mara and art teacher Mr. Koutouras, we turned out lobby into an “Obliteration Space” to mimic the exhibit by Yayao Kusama currently at the Cleveland Museum of Art. See some photos below and then click here to see more!  

Week 1 of the ’18-’19 School Year!

Welcome back to Makers’ Club!!! This year, we are welcoming Miss Chilcott (former first-grade teacher, now reading intervention teacher) to Makers’ Club! We will also have some regular volunteers this year.  Welcome to Mrs. Zetts, Mrs. Chopra, and Mrs. Schulz! In both the second-grade and third-grade clubs this week, we introduced the Rules of Makers’ Club: Be safe. Share. Lights off, Listen. Clean up. Second graders then had a chance to use toothpicks and different sizes of marshmallows to make a phone stand for me.  The phone stand needed to be 6 inches off the table and hold my phone…