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Month: February 2019

Make Your Own Board Game

This week in third-grade Makers’ Club, we challenged students to build their own board games with a partner or on their own.  Can you believe that some kids said they do not play board games at home!?!? Students were asked to do some planning first and think through a theme, color scheme, game pieces, and rules.  Then, they began creating. Next week, students will complete their games and ask other students to play the game.  After that, we will redesign and fix our games. Please click here to see photos of our first and second planning sessions.

LEGO Cars v. Brackitz Cars

This week, students in third-grade Makers’ Club were asked to build cars.  One side of the room was given LEGO materials to work with and the other side of the room was given Brackitz thanks to a donation from the Leonard Gelfand STEM Center at CWRU! Check out the photos from the run here!  

Axle Annie!

After reading the book Axle Annie to students in our second and third-grade Makers’ Clubs, we challenged students to design a “snow remover” that would help Axle Annie get up the hill even faster.  Students were asked to build a snow remover that could lift the most “snow” (cotton balls) in thirty seconds using only 3 fingers to operate. Check out these photos for the first day of the design process.