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OZOBOT Fun in the 19-20 School Year!

This year, we’ve again gotten great use out of our sets of OZOBOTs! 

In November, Mrs. Berchtold’s and Miss Chilcott’s classes used them to pair with the book Balloons Over Broadway.  This was awesome as we taped actual balloons onto the top of the OZOBOTs and watched them go down our parade route.

Later in the year, Mrs. Tichy’s class was extra busy with the OZOBOTs in fourth grade!

And, the second-grade classes of Mrs. Polman and Mrs. Jagielo used the OZOBOTs in conjunction with learning the water cycle!  What a cool idea!

Click here to check out some photos of the OZOBOTs in action both in classes and in our Makers’ Clubs. 

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