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STEM Challenge #13- Penny Boats!

On Wednesday, you built a bridge that could hold up the most pennies.

Today, you will try to build a BOAT that holds up the most pennies!

You can use any materials you have in your house, but here are some that would work pretty well: Foil, Wax Paper, Styrofoam cups, plates, bowls, plastic wrap, straws, and tape.  You will also need some pennies (or other coins) to be able to add weight to your boat.

Your job is to design and build a boat that holds weight.  It must have a flat surface on top.

Once your boat is built, you will test your boat by setting it in water and adding weight (pennies or coins) to the flat surface until your boat begins to sink.  How many pennies can your boat hold?

Share your “test” with us over on Flipgrid.  Then, re-design your boat and test it again.

Use this recording sheet to document your experience.

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