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Category: Makers’ Club and STEAM ’17-’18

Projects of the Week- Sept. ’17- May ’18

The Project of the Week is shared with teachers electronically, then posted, and set up in the STEAM Room each week.  This enables homeroom teachers to sign up for a time and bring their class in with very little prep work. These are the projects that have been shared up to the present date. POTW 9/5 – Gravity Falls POTW 9/11 Foil Tower Challenge POTW 9/18- Where the Wild Things Are POTW 9/25- Apple Stations POTW 10/2- Pigeons Bus Driving Challenge POTW 10/9- STEM-A-Web POTW 10/16/17- Pumpkin Investigations POTW 10/30- Fluffy Pumpkin Slime POTW 11/6- Football Goal Posts and Kickers…

LEGO WeDo Kits Were a HIT!

This week, we used our LEGO WeDo kits to introduce coding and robotics to our second and third-grade students.  It is always AWESOME to see these students follow visual directions and complete the coding to make their robots move!  Check it out! Thanks again to the BBH Schools Foundation for these awesome kits!


We made slime in the STEAM Room this week! With their teammates, students chose between two recipes, Gooey Gak and Fluffy Slime.  They also had to come to a consensus about the color of slime they would be making and then follow a recipe! As you can imagine, the second graders needed more help and I was unable to snap photos.  But check out these third graders rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty!

Pumpkin Investigation Stations 2017

Students in every grade level (K-3) had a chance to go through the Pumpkin Investigation Stations in the STEAM Room this week.  Students were engaged in activities in seven stations: estimating and weighing, estimating and counting, touching, smelling, tasting, sketching, describing properties, measuring with standard and nonstandard units, and determining if a pumpkin will sink or float and why.  Check out these awesome photos!

Week 4 of 17-18 Makers’ Club

This week, second graders were introduced to the concept of working with a team.  Several videos were used to model teamwork and then Miss Kolis, Mrs. Wiesler, and our parent volunteer, Mrs. Zetts, sat down to model how students should speak to one another in a team.  After that, students engaged in the Spaghetti Tower Challenge! Third graders got to finish any leftover projects from Free Making Day last week!

Week 3, 2017-2018 Makers’ Club

This week, students in second grade created an animal, either fictional or real using a variety of materials.  We are trying to get them acquainted with the available materials and locations in the room. Third graders in Makers’ Club engaged in “Free Making Day!”  They’ve been begging for it since the beginning of the school year and we were happy to oblige. 🙂

Week #2 in the STEAM Room in 2017-2018!

This week in Makers’ Club, second and third-grade students used toothpicks and candy pumpkins to build.  This was tougher than in years past when we used marshmallows to build the tallest phone tower we could that would hold up an iPhone for ten or more seconds.  Check us out!