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Category: Makers’ Club and STEAM ’17-’18

First Club Meeting of 2017-2018!!!

Today was the first time these second grade students attended the Makers’ Club!  We were so excited to welcome them and review the rules of the club.  They are pretty simple rules: Be safe. Be respectful of the materials and the room. Clean up after yourself before you leave. Share. Check out these awesome photos as each table got acquainted with different building materials.  

Highland Drive Teachers Make Water Slides!

During our first staff meeting of the 2017-2018, Mrs. Wiesler and Miss Kolis took the other teachers through The Design Process as we worked together to solve a problem.  Teachers had to create a prototype of a waterslide that stood at least 10 inches tall, did not leak, and safely transported their rider (aka LEGO guy) to the bottom pool.  Check out these designs!