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Category: Makers’ Club and STEAM ’14-’15

Tennis Ball Towers

Create a tower using 5 straws, 4 craft sticks, 4 Q-tips, a cotton ball, a rubber band, and tape that stands more than 7 inches tall and holds the tennis ball off the table for 10 seconds. 

Make a House for Ralph

This week, as we were reading the book The Mouse and the Motorcycle for the “One Book, One School” project, we each made a house for Ralph.  We thought about the characteristics of the mouse and used different materials to build him a place to sleep, eat, read, etc.

The VERY First Meeting of the Makers’ Club

In the spring of 2015, students joined Mrs. Wiesler and Miss Kolis in the “reading intervention room” to start a journey that they would call “The Makers’ Club.”  Second and third grade students would come to the club, alternating each week on Friday during lunch and recess time. During the first club, students used toothpicks and marshmallows to create a structure that would hold up my cell phone.