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Category: Makers’ Club and STEAM ’19-’20

Only You Can Save Fred 19-20

Only You Can Save Fred! Using only 4 paperclips, how will you and your partner get Fred from the top of his capsized boat to the lifesaver to save his life? Your hands may not touch Fred, the boat, or his lifesaver! Check out our photos here.  We saved him!

Foil Tower Challenge 19-20

Our second-grade students had their first practice with teamwork this week.  They completed the Foil Tower Challenge in groups of up to 5 students.  They were tasked with working together to create the largest freestanding tower using only a box of foil in 15 minutes.  This was definitely a challenge! We’ll keep practicing our teamwork as the school year continues! Click here to check out our photos from the Foil Tower Challenge.

Introduction to Attachment Techniques 19-20

During the first few weeks of both second- and third-grade Makers’ Clubs, students got a brief introduction to some easy “attachment techniques.”  They learned how to make flanges, slots, fasteners, and a “homemade hinge.”  After spending some club meetings practicing these techniques, students were able to create something of their choosing using these techniques with limited materials (only cardboard, scissors, fasteners, paper, pipe cleaners, hole punch). Click here to check out our students learning these techniques.

Second-Grade Makers’ Club in the 19-20 School Year!

Welcome to Makers’ Club, 19-20 Second Graders!  We are so happy to have you in the makerspace this year on Thursdays during your lunch recess! During the first club meeting, the students were introduced to lots of different building materials and had a chance to explore at each station.  They explored LEGOs, base-ten blocks, K’NEX, Brackitz, and Lincoln Logs. Check out the photos by clicking here!

The Start of 4th Grade Makers’ Club!

The start of fourth-grade Makers’ Club has been a success!  Under the direction of our STEM Coach, Mr. Carl Harrison, students have started to create landforms and will work on some properties of civil engineering to run roads through their established landforms.  Check out these awesome photos! Thanks to Mrs. Beebe, Mrs. Schulz, Mrs. Altaqi, Mrs. MacRaild, and Mrs. Manley for helping with the fourth-grade club so far this year! Photos coming soon!