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Category: Makers’ Club and STEAM ’16-’17

STEAM Station at the Jr. Olympics!

Because our Jr. Olympic day is under new leadership this year (Thanks Mr. Thacker), Mrs. Wiesler and I suggested that we have a “STEAM event” at the Jr. Olympics! After students were divided into 4 groups, each group was given a bag of materials and asked to build a launch pad or platform to hold up a “bottle rocket.”  Bags were filled with K’Nex, LEGOs, toothpicks and marshmallows, and popsicle sticks and masking tape.  The “bottle rocket” was a 2 liter bottle filled with one cup of vinegar.  The teams were tasked with building their platforms quickly as the only…

Makey Makeys!

This week, we introduced the second and third grade students to Makey Makeys!  Don’t know what a Makey Makey is?  Just check out these awesome photos of our students determining if items are “conductors” or “insulators.”  Spoiler: Did you know a human is a conductor?!?!

More New Friends!

We’ve added two more new friends to the Highland Drive STEAM Room this week, thanks to our PSO “Gifts and Goals” Committee! A tree frog and a fire-bellied toad now call the STEAM Room their home!  Their names are now OFFICIALLY “Frog and Toad.”  As we know, Frog and Toad are friends! Thanks to the district STEM Coach, Michelle Leizman, for helping us to set up the Wonder Bubbles and learn how to take care of our new friends!

Sink or Float Boats

Students in first grade had a chance to use the STEAM Room to complete an experiment called “Sink or Float Boats.” From Mrs. French- “To go along with our unit ‘How do things get built?’, we designed and built aluminum foil boats.  Then we predicted and experimented how many pennies our boats would hold before sinking.  One of the children had a phenomenal design that held almost 350 pennies before sinking!  We learned a lot, and many of the children were anxious to try this experiment at home.”

Spaghetti Tower Challenge

In the first week of April, students in second and third grades completed the Spaghetti Tower Challenge with the help of Mrs. Adams, Mr. Cervenka, and Mrs. Wiesler. Students worked in groups and were provided with a box of uncooked noodles, one large marshmallow, and a roll of masking tape.  The challenge was to build the tallest tower possible that could hold up the marshmallow. Students worked for approximately 20 minutes and then towers were measured.  The second grade winning team had a tower that was 21 inches tall!  We then talked about what worked and what didn’t work within…

A Visit from the Nature Center!

On March 13th, Ms. Kelly from the Brecksville Nature Center visited our STEAM Room to conduct the program “Form Fits Function!” for our students.  Students learned about the different types of bird beaks and the adaptations birds make to find food and eat.  From the photos below, you can see this was a huge hit!  Thanks to Ms. Kelly and the Brecksville Nature Center for the awesome program!

Chinese Dragons!

At Highland Drive, along with the other elementaries in the district, are participating in the One District, One Book initiative.  This year we are reading the book In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson by Bette Bao Lorde.  The main character in the book is emigrating from China and in her honor, we made Chinese Dragons this week.