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Color Words & Sensory Lesson 9-19-12

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Today’s “science experiment” was actually a color words and sensory lesson in disguise.  Our good friend Mrs. Svozil (yes, Mr. Svozil’s wife) sent it to us as an idea of something we might like to try and we agreed!

So, we checked out the website- – and then set to work thinking of the learning objectives we could incorporate:

1. Read color words (an IEP objective!).

2. Make predictions (What might happen when we mix red and blue together? What will happen when we put this vinegar into the baking soda?).

3. Make observations (“It looks all bubbly!” “It looks like a sponge.” “It looks fizzy like pop.”).

4. Use as a language activity and prompt for language (using descriptive words like “blue boat” or “purple liquid”). (Hey, another IEP objective!)

5. Follow one step directions (More IEP objectives!).

6. Follow multi-step directions (IEP objectives!).

7. Use social language and share (“Please pass the blue.”) (IEP objectives!)

8. Invite Mrs. K (our SLP) so that she can later ask questions and use as a memory recall activity (IEP objectives!).

9. Use as a fine motor task (squeezing the medicine droppers) (Yes! IEP objectives!).

10. Relate to an art lesson (color wheel, primary colors, secondary colors).

11. Use antonyms (wet/dry, dark/light).

12. Use as “pretend play” (“I see you added boats. It looks like the ocean. I am pretending mine is the ocean and my ships are sailing on it.”).


Wow, that makes a great lesson! Plus, we tied it to a book by first reading Fall Leaves Fall after calendar/weather time. This book has lots of color words and helped us move right over to the table to practice our color words using the food coloring! So, there’s 14. Listening Comprehension!

Check out these great pictures of the fun!

Tomorrow, we may have to write in our e-portfolios about this!

Fall Nature Sculptures!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

This week, we borrowed a lesson from the awesome website, Irresistible Ideas for Play-Based Learning, and made some Nature Sculptures!

First, we read the book Fall Leaves Fall.  We discussed items that might fall to the ground during the Fall.  Miss Kolis has tons of acorns, nuts, and sticks in her yard!!!

We added some seashells for fun and tactile and sensory input.

(We even used the “low temp’ glue gun with SUCCESS!!!)

A fish!

A snowman!

Mean Monster!

A Nature Sculpture!

Working together with the glue gun

So many choices!

Nature Sculptures!

Materials for the Nature Sculptures

A squirrel!

Nature Sculpture!

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