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Category: Remote Learning STEM Challenges

STEM Challenge #20- Origami

Today’s challenge comes from Brooke Brown’s Outside the Box site. Check out the Japanese art of paper folding, origami. The History of Origami Easy Paper Cranes Share your creations here on our Flipgrid!

STEM Challenge #18- Self Portraits

Today’s STEM Maker Challenge is called Self Portraits. Do you remember what that means?  Do you remember any artists who focus on making self-portraits?  I’ve learned about an artist named Frida Khalo who painted self-portraits. A self-portrait is a picture you make of yourself. Today’s challenge is to make a self-portrait using objects.  You could use LEGOs, blocks, crayons, rocks, sticks, leaves, anything you have at home! Make a picture of yourself and show us!  Explain what materials you chose and why you chose them.   You can also check out this Brain Pop video to learn more about Frida…

STEM Challenge #17- Cats

Dear maker friends, After Mrs. Berchtold saw all the awesome dog toys you designed, she wanted her cats to feel some love too. Her cats have been very needy since she’s been home. She needs something to keep them entertained. Well, Mrs. Berchtold was thinking BIG! She shared some of her thoughts in the pictures below. She would like you to design and create a prototype of a cat playground that she can use at her home. She wants you to make a plan and a sketch first. Then create and show us on the Flipgrid found here. Remember, you…

STEM Challenge #16- Dog Toys!

Here’s the problem. Miss Kolis has two dogs, Otis and Bentley. These dogs have lots of toys but with all the time at home together, Miss Kolis notices that her dogs are getting bored. Is this problem happening at your house? Your job today: Design and create a dog toy to keep your dog (or Miss Kolis’s dogs) entertained. First, think about what materials are safe for dogs. Don’t use food because some people food is poison for dogs like grapes and chocolate. Consider socks, fabric, plastic bottles, strings, what else? Consider using YouTube or other sites to see what…

STEM Challenge #15- Air Cannon

Today’s STEM Challenge comes from the PBS Kids Design Squad website. You can find the step-by-step directions at the site below. PBS Kids Design Squad Air Cannon Once you get your Air Cannon working, show us on Flipgrid!

STEM Challenge #14- Paper Columns

Today’s Challenge is called Paper Columns. For this challenge, you will need 3 pieces of paper and a stack of books. First, make a hypothesis (a guess) about which shape of paper column might hold up the most books. Why do you think so? Then, fold your papers as seen in the photo. Next, start to place books on one column at a time. How many does each column hold? Once you’ve tested each column, report your findings to us. Was your hypothesis correct? Why or why not? Can you think of any other ways to fold the paper that…

Star Wars STEM Challenge

These Star Wars STEM Challenge CHOICE BOARDS have come to use from Candice Moore-Bagley that belongs to the FB group “STEM Teachers Group” that I am a part of.  She shared these with us for May 4th! Check out the links by going to this Google Slideshow. Then, go over to Flipgrid and show us what you’ve made!

STEM Challenge #13- Penny Boats!

On Wednesday, you built a bridge that could hold up the most pennies. Today, you will try to build a BOAT that holds up the most pennies! You can use any materials you have in your house, but here are some that would work pretty well: Foil, Wax Paper, Styrofoam cups, plates, bowls, plastic wrap, straws, and tape.  You will also need some pennies (or other coins) to be able to add weight to your boat. Your job is to design and build a boat that holds weight.  It must have a flat surface on top. Once your boat is…