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Category: STEM

Week 2 of 2016, Intro. to the Design Process

This week, we engaged in a challenge called “Create An Animal.”  Students first had to brainstorm the name of the animal they would create and list the materials they would use. We are working on making a “plan” this year before we dig into the available materials.

Tennis Ball Towers

Create a tower using 5 straws, 4 craft sticks, 4 Q-tips, a cotton ball, a rubber band, and tape that stands more than 7 inches tall and holds the tennis ball off the table for 10 seconds. 

The VERY First Meeting of the Makers’ Club

In the spring of 2015, students joined Mrs. Wiesler and Miss Kolis in the “reading intervention room” to start a journey that they would call “The Makers’ Club.”  Second and third grade students would come to the club, alternating each week on Friday during lunch and recess time. During the first club, students used toothpicks and marshmallows to create a structure that would hold up my cell phone.

Fun with LEGOs!

This week, we used all of our LEGO Power!  Students were able to use the LEGO Story Starter Kits, the LEGO WeDo Kits, or the containers of LEGOs to free build or engage in the LEGO Challenges on note cards.  We had a lot of fun with the blind-fold challenge!

The Triple C Challenge

The Triple C Challenge includes craft sticks, cups, and cubes. Students were first asked to make the tallest structure they could using one cube as the base of the structure.  This was difficult! Next, students worked on making the tallest structure they could using any of the materials as a base. We also experimented with different types of blocks to see which ones would give us the most stability. Students quickly learned that they would need to put their materials together and work as a group.  It was fun to see the little light bulbs going on in their minds…