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STEM Challenge #20- Origami

Today’s challenge comes from Brooke Brown’s Outside the Box site. Check out the Japanese art of paper folding, origami. The History of Origami Easy Paper Cranes Share your creations here on our Flipgrid!

STEM Challenge #18- Self Portraits

Today’s STEM Maker Challenge is called Self Portraits. Do you remember what that means?  Do you remember any artists who focus on making self-portraits?  I’ve learned about an artist named Frida Khalo who painted self-portraits. A self-portrait is a picture you make of yourself. Today’s challenge is to make a self-portrait using objects.  You could use LEGOs, blocks, crayons, rocks, sticks, leaves, anything you have at home! Make a picture of yourself and show us!  Explain what materials you chose and why you chose them.   You can also check out this Brain Pop video to learn more about Frida…