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TEMPLATE- Project of the Week

Click the link found below for a template to write your own Project of the Week.  This template includes materials, objectives, essential questions, directions, extensions, and standards included in your lesson. Additionally, there is a recording sheet template attached.  This follows the design process/ scientific method as closely as possible and should match your lesson plan. Click here to MAKE A COPY of this template.

Pumpkin Investigations 2018

  Once again this year, our STEAM Room was turned into the land of pumpkin investigations for our classes to participate in some additional hands-on science.  Students enjoyed working in teams to measure, weigh, make estimates, smell, touch, and even taste the pumpkins! Click here to see some of our classes participating in these investigations in October of 2018.

Projects of the Week- Sept. ’17- May ’18

The Project of the Week is shared with teachers electronically, then posted, and set up in the STEAM Room each week.  This enables homeroom teachers to sign up for a time and bring their class in with very little prep work. These are the projects that have been shared up to the present date. POTW 9/5 – Gravity Falls POTW 9/11 Foil Tower Challenge POTW 9/18- Where the Wild Things Are POTW 9/25- Apple Stations POTW 10/2- Pigeons Bus Driving Challenge POTW 10/9- STEM-A-Web POTW 10/16/17- Pumpkin Investigations POTW 10/30- Fluffy Pumpkin Slime POTW 11/6- Football Goal Posts and Kickers…

Pumpkin Investigations

The week before Halloween, students throughout the school had a chance to engage with 7 different pumpkin stations to explore and learn about pumpkins.  Students measured the pumpkins with standard and nonstandard units, determined if the pumpkins would sink or float, weighed a pumpkin, counted seeds from a pumpkin, tasted roasted pumpkin seeds, described and then sketched pumpkins all throughout the week.  Grades K-3 enjoyed the space and opportunity for this yearly learning activity!