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Tag: pumpkin investigations

Pumpkin Investigations 2018

  Once again this year, our STEAM Room was turned into the land of pumpkin investigations for our classes to participate in some additional hands-on science.  Students enjoyed working in teams to measure, weigh, make estimates, smell, touch, and even taste the pumpkins! Click here to see some of our classes participating in these investigations in October of 2018.

Pumpkin Investigation Stations 2017

Students in every grade level (K-3) had a chance to go through the Pumpkin Investigation Stations in the STEAM Room this week.  Students were engaged in activities in seven stations: estimating and weighing, estimating and counting, touching, smelling, tasting, sketching, describing properties, measuring with standard and nonstandard units, and determining if a pumpkin will sink or float and why.  Check out these awesome photos!