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QR Codes in the Classroom Reflection Paper

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

 Morgan Kolis

K-3 Special Education


QR Codes in the Classroom


The implications for QR Codes in my classroom and my school district are endless.  I can certainly see many positives, but I also know that many of my colleagues may find negatives.  In reading the tweets about QR Codes before reading this article, I saw both positive and negative comments.  In fact, I saw one blog post circulating about the “Ten Funniest QR Code Fails” found on a technology website I respect, Mashable.   I do believe, however, that QR Codes may be a “carrot” that brings students to participate.  It may just be an “intro.” to an already crucial lesson.  QR Codes may have positives, but clearly others find negatives in them as well.

First, I can see how I would find many uses of the QR Code in my resource room for students with moderate to intensive special needs.  Because my students are already familiar and enamored by the iPad, I believe that any activity that begins with an iPad App will interest them.  Seeing an unfamiliar visual may just be the “carrot” I need  to get some of my students invested in lessons on counting, adding, letter identification, and decoding.  I can see myself placing QR Codes on their take-home folders, homework sheets, small decodable readers, and even toys.  Having a video open up on the iPad that engages the student in counting, singing, speaking, or reading would be very useful.

Second, I love the idea that my students would then go out into the public, see a QR Code, and know what to do BEFORE their parents.  Go to a restaurant, look at the menu, ask mom for her phone.  In continued reading of the “QR Codes in the Classroom,” I am encouraged to know that students are engaged by these lessons. I am also encouraged to know that not all schools are banning SMART phones and other devices.

Next, I see that there are some negatives in the QR Code movement.  Another article I found on Mashable is “Why QR Codes Won’t Last.”  It seems that this movement is not catching on and will be replaced, in the eyes of those as Mashable.  Another blog post called “WTF QR Codes” is even more humorous and makes me wonder how others may see QR Codes.

In short, there are clearly two sides of the QR Code fence that I am sitting on currently.  I’m not sure which way I’ll fall, but I will be sure to at least try out the movement before I condemn it.

QR Codes for Counting

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

QR Codes for Counting Videos-