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Tag: Teamwork

Only You Can Save Fred 19-20

Only You Can Save Fred! Using only 4 paperclips, how will you and your partner get Fred from the top of his capsized boat to the lifesaver to save his life? Your hands may not touch Fred, the boat, or his lifesaver! Check out our photos here.  We saved him!

Foil Tower Challenge 19-20

Our second-grade students had their first practice with teamwork this week.  They completed the Foil Tower Challenge in groups of up to 5 students.  They were tasked with working together to create the largest freestanding tower using only a box of foil in 15 minutes.  This was definitely a challenge! We’ll keep practicing our teamwork as the school year continues! Click here to check out our photos from the Foil Tower Challenge.

Girls Who Code at Highland!

Miss Chilcott and Miss Kolis have started a Girls Who Code club at Highland Drive!  The club meets once a week on Mondays during lunch and lunch recess time.  The club will run in four-week sessions using a different coding tool every four weeks.  Please click here to see photos from our club meetings. Session 1- Bloxels Session 2- LEGO Education WeDo Session 3- CS First Session 4-

Week 4 of 17-18 Makers’ Club

This week, second graders were introduced to the concept of working with a team.  Several videos were used to model teamwork and then Miss Kolis, Mrs. Wiesler, and our parent volunteer, Mrs. Zetts, sat down to model how students should speak to one another in a team.  After that, students engaged in the Spaghetti Tower Challenge! Third graders got to finish any leftover projects from Free Making Day last week!

Makey Makeys!

This week, we introduced the second and third grade students to Makey Makeys!  Don’t know what a Makey Makey is?  Just check out these awesome photos of our students determining if items are “conductors” or “insulators.”  Spoiler: Did you know a human is a conductor?!?!