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This week we turned our makerspace into a “breakerspace!”  With the help of Mr. C, our club got a chance to take apart some old machines using wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers.  We had a great time seeing what was inside! Click here to see our photos!

More Tools!

Mr. Cervenka, second grade teacher, joined us again this week to introduce our students to more tools.  This week, we had a selection of wrenches, nuts, bolts, and washers, and students worked together to put wooden blocks together using these tools.  Both second and third graders got to use the tools this week, but third graders had a bit more success with the project.

Makers’ Club Welcomes Mr. Cervenka!

This week, third graders learned how to use hammers and screw drivers from Mr. C!  They thought it was a great time although we all tried to brainstorm ways to make it a little quieter next time.  Some students had never touched a tool before!  What a fun experience!