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Tag: winter

Axle Annie!

After reading the book Axle Annie to students in our second and third-grade Makers’ Clubs, we challenged students to design a “snow remover” that would help Axle Annie get up the hill even faster.  Students were asked to build a snow remover that could lift the most “snow” (cotton balls) in thirty seconds using only 3 fingers to operate. Check out these photos for the first day of the design process.

Penguin Skating Challenge

This week, our challenge was to get our penguins to ice skate.  It took a few minutes, but students eventually got the hang of attaching paperclips to their penguins so that they could use the magnet wand below their paper plate. This was a fun and awesome challenge. Click here to see our photos!

Igloo Challenge and Magic Snow! Oh my!

As our weather started to change to actual winter weather, Miss Chilcott brought us two awesome snow challenges. Click here to see our students completing the Igloo Challenge.  They had to create an igloo using only 3 materials (7 were options) with a dome roof and a tunnel. Students also worked to follow a recipe to make some magic snow!  Did you smell the peppermint from there?!?! Click here to see this.

Penguin Stations!

In our second week back in the makerspace in 2017, second and third graders were engaged in different projects.  Typically we complete the same challenge or project on Thursday and Friday, but this week was a little different. Second grade students completed “Penguin Stations” created by “Science School Yard” and retrieved from Teachers Pay Teachers.  These stations were awesome!  Students created an ice skating rink for a penguin and used magnets to make their penguin “skate,” built the tallest towers for the penguins out of toothpicks and marshmallows, created a “penguin place” as a home for the penguins, and built an…

Making Winter Decorations!

In the weeks before Winter Break, students were able to create some winter decorations while in the Makers’ Club.  There were great Christmas trees, reindeer, snowflakes, snowmen, and even a “Christmas shield!”  Oh how the third graders can turn any project into an opportunity for shields!