The Three Fish by Camille


The Three fish

By Camille


One day the fish family was eating there sea weed salad. Baby fish’s salad was too hot, so the fish family went for a little swim. Then the mermaid named Isabella swam by looking for her sea shell necklace. She dropped while she was swimming in the mermaid race. She was wearing it the necklace because it gives her good luck. Then she came upon a cave. Isabella went in the cave.


 First she found some sea weed salad. She tried from the first bowl “Too slimy.” She said. She tried from the second bowl “Too cold.” She said. Isabella tried the last one “Just right!” she said and she ate it all up. Next, she found some hats made out of coral. She tried the biggest one on “Too big” she said. She tried on the next one “Too soft” she said. She tried on the littlest one “Just right.” She said. Then she found some beds. She tried the first one “Too lumpy” she said. She tried the second one “Too soft.” She said. She tried on the last one “Just right.” She said and she fell fast asleep.


The three fishes came back. They saw that their seaweed salad had been tasted. Baby Fish said, “My salad was all eaten up.” Then, they went in the next room. They said, “Our hats have been tried on!” Baby Fish said “My hat is missing!”


            Then, they went in the next room. They said, “Our beds have been slept in!” Baby Fish said, “Someone is sleeping in my bed and has my hat on.” Isabella woke up and she took the hat off and gave it back. Then, she swam out of the cave and waved good bye!


The End

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